Types of Valentine Gifts for Your Typical Nigerian Girlfriend

Valentine is just few days away and a lot of Nigerian girls are already waiting patiently for valentine gifts from their boyfriends. It is that time of the year when most guys experience cold feet because they have no idea what gift to get for their girlfriends. Some guys really suck at buying gifts, so don’t blame them.  But, the good news is this; I am here to help your career by telling you the kind of gifts you can get for your woman this valentine especially if she is a Nigerian lady.

The truth is that, when buying a gift for a lady, most times the issue is not money but knowing what to buy. I am sure by now; most of you guys already know that chocolates and flowers don’t work for Nigerian girls. You can’t just wake up and gift your girlfriend a flower on a valentine day. The first question she will probably ask you is, “Guy, are you crazy?” She will then go ahead and smash the flower at your face.  So, instead of getting flowers and chocolates, get her any of these-


You can take your girlfriend on a shopping spree, if you can afford it. it is always better than getting the clothes by yourself because you can never tell what a lady will pick. You might end up getting a dress that she doesn’t fancy. So take her to shopping instead but that is if you can afford it.


This is the best gift you can ever give to a Nigerian lady. I mean, every one of us wish to cross the borders of Nigeria and a themed vacation from a toaster(not even an official boyfriend) totally creates a hollow pit for us to fall deeply for you. So, this valentine, organize a surprise vacation for the both of you and watch her scream in excitement.


A phone is equally one of the best gifts you can get your girlfriend this valentine. And I don’t just mean any phone, get her a phone that is higher in grade than the one she is currently using and if you can afford an iPhone, then perfect – go ahead and get it for her this valentine.


If you can afford a car, then get one for her. Show me a Nigerian girl that doesn’t wish to have a car of her own and I will show you a pregnant virgin. But then, if you cannot afford a car, don’t stress yourself.


Taking your girl on a romantic date on valentine day is equally another option for you to explore this valentine. A surprise  candlelit romantic dinner in places like Oriental hotel in Lagos, Protea hotel will definitely get her falling for you the more especially if you were the one that equally got her dinner gown and shoes as well.


Getting your girlfriend accessories this valentine is equally another option for you to explore. Yu can get her stuffs like quality write watches, designer bags,, etc depending on the capacity of your pocket. You can equally get her a customized necklace that is either pure gold or silver and not stainless steel.


Everybody wants money talk less of Nigerian ladies that their world revolves around cash.  So, if you are still in doubt on what gift to get for your girl this valentine, you might as well give her the money/ most times, physical cash meets their needs better than just buying gifts because you might end up buying something that she doesn’t need.

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