Troops in Borno neutralize 5 terrorists and liberate 78 hostages.

Troops in Borno neutralize 5 terrorists and liberate 78 hostages.
Nigerian Army

The soldiers from the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army displayed remarkable bravery during a recent operation in Borno, Nigeria.

Their mission took them to several villages, including Ngurusoye, Sabon Gari, Mairamri 1 and 2, Bula Dalo, and Bula Dalo extension, as well as neighboring areas like Yamanci and Gargaji.

These areas were known to harbor terrorists who had abducted innocent people and held them as hostages.

Upon arrival, the soldiers engaged in intense combat with the terrorists, utilizing their firearms to confront the enemy.

Despite facing significant challenges, the soldiers successfully defeated the terrorists, resulting in the elimination of five of them.

Amidst the chaos of battle, the soldiers made a significant discovery – they recovered a flag and a mobile phone belonging to the terrorists.

However, the most significant achievement of the operation was the rescue of 78 hostages who had been held captive by the terrorists.

Among the rescued individuals were 35 women and 43 children, all of whom were now safe from harm.

Troops in Borno neutralize 5 terrorists and liberate 78 hostages.
Hostages rescued from terrorists

Following the conclusion of the mission, Major General Onyema Nwachukwu, a representative of the army, provided details about the operation.

He emphasized that the rescued hostages were receiving care and support, including debriefing to gather information about their ordeal.

Additionally, Major General Nwachukwu reiterated the ongoing efforts of the soldiers to ensure the safety and security of the region, as part of the broader initiative known as Operations Desert Sanity III.

This initiative aims to rid the North East of Nigeria of terrorist threats and safeguard the well-being of its inhabitants.

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