They beat him into Coma – Man Collapses during Deliverance

On Sunday, April 17, a 40- year- old man was said to have collapsed during a deliverance service at Ultimate Miracle Centre, Kubwa, Abuja.

The victim who is identified as Mr. Adegbenro, was taken to the miracle center for spiritual cleansing by his family but however collapsed during the deliverance process. His family expressed that he was beaten into a coma while he was being delivered.

Mrs. Rebecca, the victim’s mother, narrated that she had suspected something had gone wrong when her son was thrown to the ground bound with a rope. She said “they forced him and tied his legs and hands and threw him down,’’ after which a bucket of water was emptied on his body.

The father of the victim who was also present at the scene inquired why his son was manhandled and the deliverers answered that it was how they usually conduct deliverance sessions. After much drama, they said they wanted the victim to have a rest and cool down.

But shortly after, it was discovered that Mr. Adegbenro had passed out while in his initial state. In affirmation to his mother’s suspicions, Tunde, the victim’s brother voiced out “they beat him into coma”

Mrs. Adegbenro was quickly rushed to the Kubwa General Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

The FCT police are yet to respond to the report filed while investigating the case.

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