The Wonder of Reading Books

Mark, Set Goals in  2020

Education is a powerful weapon to destroy the stronghold of poverty in your life. If you can, get both formal and informal education. Education can be obtained both inside and outside the classroom. Even after you’ve completed your formal education, you should continue to educate yourself by keeping yourself abreast of information in your profession through reading books. If you know how to read, buy a book even if they are second-hand books and read them. When you read a book, you are adding the thoughts of the author to your own thoughts which by inference increasing your value. 

Readers are leaders.  Rich people read a lot of books. You are as rich as your library.  If you can read and you are not reading, you are not better than the person who cannot read. If you want to become rich, spend at least 10% of every money that comes into your hands to buy books and read. Don’t just buy books and let it gather dust on your shelf. Read and think about what you read and see how you can apply the information you have gained. This is called wisdom, your ability to apply what you know. I know what rigorous reading of the book has done for me. It has elevated my thought level and increase my finances.

The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet a billionaire in his own right credit, many of his money decisions can be credited with his voracious reading habit. Warren didn’t get smart because he is a billionaire, be become a billionaire because he is smart. And how does he get smart?  Hear him “I just sit in my office and read all day”. Did you hear that? In the same way, if you want to get smart and become rich, you must cultivate the Warren Buffet habit of voracious reading.  You must commit yourself to lifelong learning through reading and thinking about what you have read and be curious to see the opportunities that are around you.   How busy could you be that you don’t have the time to read?  For many years, I couldn’t afford to buy a brand new book. What I did was to search out where they are selling second-hand books and buy them at cheap prices.  I always look for books about wealth creation, money, success, destiny, personal development, etc.

There was a day I chanced on a lot of books spread on the floor in the market. I quickly select about six of them for $1 and after reading one of the books, the information I gleaned earned me hundreds of dollars. That is the power of information. Today I can see the effects of the books I have been reading for these past twenty years in my work output and in my interaction with others. You can miss a meal in a day but if you want to become rich,  never miss a day without reading a book.  You have to read and read and after some time, you will start to see the effect of voracious reading in your life.  How much importance you attach to reading will determine how much money will come into your hands. When you read books you gathered other people’s ideas and add them to your own. When you read, you become a-go-to person who provides a solution to other people’s problems. You are the solution man. Don’t you like that people will pay you for consultations? It has been discovered that when you get to the house of poor people, the most visible thing you find there is their big television. But when you get to the house of rich people, the most visible thing you find is their big library. That is true. It might interest you to note that most of the people that make the news that you watch on television don’t watch television at all! They don’t have time for television. It is from reading books that you get the idea that will make you rich. Financial education is the key to attaining and sustaining financial independence.

Here I’m not writing to those who want the government to provide for them or those who want to get a job as a security, but those who want to become active investors and want to live their lives to the hit. What I’m sharing with you here is what rich people do but they don’t want you to know.

Let me be honest with you, one way you can break the back of poverty in your life is through financial education because money itself is not the solution to poverty but the knowledge about money. The real cause of poverty is ignorance – lack of financial education. For example, if you have an uncle who keeps throwing money at you anytime you asked for money, and you never learn how to earn your own money you will be poor forever. That is why its not appropriate for the government to be giving cash to people. The people you are giving money will never use it for the purpose of why you gave them that money.  It’s like someone giving you fish to eat every day without teaching you how to fish for yourself. As you get more financial education, you start to see more opportunities on how to make money around you. I dare you to read through this piece with an open mind and expand your financial horizon.

To become rich, you must learn how to become productive, how to make and manage money, save and invest money.

Let me warn you that making plenty of money is not a kid’s gloves, you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and live your life at the cutting edge. Rich people are sponge of information and they have an eagles’ eyes that enable them to spot every money-making opportunity around town. They see the problem around them and provide a solution.

You need to develop your mind about money by acquiring available knowledge, going to seminars and listening to audio and watching videotapes on financial education. You see, your mind is designed for learning how to make money. And you can either make money or make excuses, you can’t make both at the same time. My response is to provide you with valuable information which you can use to make lots of money. And it is your responsibility to digest the information given, and take action because the action is what unites all successful people on earth.

Will you make use of the information you are getting from this piece today? As you learn the information, take action on the information and the result you will get will astounds you. 

You must keep learning more and more every day about how to make and invest money.  Financial literacy will help you to identify the economic problem which you can turn to financial opportunity. As you start to make some money, you must continue to learn and grow. You must also continue to serve and create value for others and remain humble. You must commit yourself to a lifetime of learning. Never, ever stop learning about money. Everyday study about money and always look for a way to solve the problem for others. When you increase your value, you increase your wealth. Albert Einstein said, “Seek not to be a man of wealth, but to be a man of value”. The angels are still in the whirlwinds.

Thank you for allowing me to share these candid thoughts about education and money-making with you today. You are not born to suffer, there is a seed of greatness within you. Only you can make your life a masterpiece. If you read lots of books and take action on the idea you gained from reading, there is no Jupiter that can stop your financial prosperity. God bless you. God bless Nigeria

Arikanki is a motivational speaker.



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