The Unsuspecting Cause of Bad Marriage Choices

The Unsuspecting Cause of Bad Marriage Choices
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Many Ladies married just any Man that they won’t choose if they have their way but because their parent’s house has become too toxic that they can no longer cope.

We have to start talking about how many ladies are treated by their own parents. Some are being spoken to in the worst harsh pattern you can imagine not just by parents but their siblings, remind them how much they need to work hard to hook a man and get out of the house.

Many ladies have been clearly told that they have no place in their father’s house.

Many ladies therefore, have made up their mind to say yes to any man who declares interest in paying bride price. For them it is a situation of ‘ANY OTHER HOME BUT THIS HOME’.

The simplest analogy is Just the way many Nigerians feel at this time about leaving Nigeria. A situation of any other country but Nigeria.

A few of these ladies get to the new home and are lucky to find a greener grass while the larger majority who make the choice of spouse and get out of their parent’s house in this manner either live with monumental regret or the courageous ones find their way out of the marriage but not without scars. Either way, it’s a tough situation.

This is why you may feel a lady is going through hell in the hands of her husband but she will choose to remain with the man over and over instead of going back to her family.

A young woman who is already in the know that she has no place even in her father’s house is as good candidate for abuse in the hands of unsuspecting abusive Men.

The solution to this kind of situation is to empower a girl child to be able to stand on her feet and take charge of her life.

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