Sweden recognizes sex as a sporting game

The Chairman of the Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych made the revelation over the weekend, according to multiple reports. During the announcement, he said that the maiden sex tournament will kick off on Thursday, June 8.

Dragan Bratych, the head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, expressed his hope that sex would eventually be recognized as a sport worldwide. He highlighted the value of education and the potential benefits of engaging in sexual activity for one’s physical and mental well-being.

“Just like any sport, achieving desired results in sex requires training,” he stated, suggesting that competition in this realm will inevitably develop.

Bratych emphasized the unique aspects of this sport, where the objective is to bring extreme happiness to one’s partner. He added that the competitor’s ability to satisfy their partner is the key determinant of success in this game, in contrast to traditional sports where losing often leads to disappointment.

Things to know about the Sex Tournament:

➡️ It will be played for six weeks.

➡️ Participants will engage in sexual activity daily for 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the length of their episodes.

➡️There are three levels in the tournament, contestants must reach minimum points to advance to the next level.

➡️ Viewers are allowed to watch the sex tournaments and will take note of various features of the sexual activity.

➡️ Best couple with better sexual understanding, endurance, and other features will be used as a benchmark to determine the winner.

Although the Swedish Government is yet to react to this development, as some sources have tagged it to be unreal.

Sweden recognizes sex

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