Super Eagles striker, Peter Olayinka’s 5 year spell at Slavia Prague comes to an end

Super Eagles striker, Peter Olayinka’s 5 years spell at Czech Republican side, SK Slavia Prague, has ended. The 27 years during his Five years in the red and white jersey netted 50 goals, registered 26 assists, won seven trophies.

Peter had an exclusive interview with the club on Saturday:

When you were coming five years ago, what were your dreams?

“When I arrived, I said that my main goal was to be part of the team, to be useful. I cost a lot of money (laughs), I had to pay it back. And I also wanted to celebrate successes. To leave something here, so that after I’m gone people will speak well of me.”

Did you do it…

“Yes, I know. And I thank God that I succeeded, I am really very happy.”

You leave with seven trophies in total, as three-time league champion, three-time winner of the Czech Cup.

“It sounds good (laughs). It’s amazing, everything has been going great, we’ve been doing well so far. Slavia ranks among the big European teams. In the cups, we represented not only Slavia, but the whole of the Czech Republic. I am proud of it. We gave a lot of people a chance to be proud of us.”

Do you still remember that first moment when you lifted the very first one above your head?

“Of course. It was fantastic. In my first season, we won the double. Amazing memories, I have videos of the celebrations on the train when we were returning to Prague with the cup. Maybe I’ll show them to you sometime. Although I’d rather not… (laughs). Everyone enjoyed it, we drank it. You can imagine that.’

How did you experience the month-old MOL Cup final at Letná?

“I felt gratitude, joy. I couldn’t be happy, but I was happy for the boys. We did it, at least we won one more trophy. That’s good, last year was not so successful. And what was great about it was that we got it on their field. That was a damn great feeling (laughs). I enjoyed it.”

In addition, the Slavist fans created something unforgettable before and during the final.

“Well, that’s one hundred percent true. Before the match, I sat next to Mas on the bench and we just stared at the stands in disbelief. He always has something to say, now he didn’t (laughs). It was really something amazing. An incredible experience, half the stadium was ours. We won on the field, we won in the audience. Sensational day.”

The legacy I wanted to leave

Let’s move to Eden. Will you miss the atmosphere here?

“Definitely. Without a doubt, the best fans in the Czech Republic are here. The stands are full of them every match, they always support us loudly. They followed us in all possible and impossible places. It was an honor to play for them. Likewise for the whole club.”

Why do you think they liked you so much?

“Probably because I always leave everything on the field. I fight for every ball, I never give up. I was emotional, trying to fight. Perhaps people like such footballers.”

Where in your memories do you rank the moment when you first led your teammates as captain?

“To tell the truth, I didn’t expect it at all. Jarda Köstl simply told me before Fenerbahce that it would be like that. I was happy, but I didn’t curse. Not that. I’ve been here for a while, I’ve always worked hard for the team. It was also a gesture of recognition for me that I am the leader of the team. It’s something special, it filled me with pride.”

I also have to ask about the European matches, in 55 you scored thirteen times, no one else in Slavia could do that. Did the European stage work for you?

“Maximum. It’s a completely different football in Europe, you play different teams from different countries. Overall, these are more open matches that are not as competitive as in the Czech league. Teams don’t know you that much, which is good, you can show up, help the team. It was a lot of fun.”

Top scorer status makes you hot?

“Yes. This is exactly the link I wanted to leave here. Team success is above all else, it’s football, a team sport. But this is also very nice. No one will take that away from me.”

Do you have a European battle that you will one day tell your daughter, other descendants about?

“Can I say three?”

Of course.

“The first is the match against Barcelona at Camp Nou, a lot of people praised me after the match. I didn’t score but we drew, I personally got a lot of credit from people after the game. Then of course my first goal in Europe at Inter, it was sensational, and they didn’t lose again. And then the home game with Leverkusen, where I broke my nose during the decisive goal.”

You can’t forget that…

“I remember that then I couldn’t sleep at all (laughs). It was difficult for me to breathe, it was difficult, I felt like my head was going to explode (laughs). But I was very happy, it overcame everything.’

In total, you scored fifty times in the red and white jersey, a nice number, isn’t it?

“It’s a great meta, I’m glad it turned out so well.”

Do you still remember that very first goal?

“I remember it like it was yesterday (laughs). It was against the team that had the yellow jerseys I think. Again! I came off the bench and for a while I was making it 3:1. It started me off, and then there were more.”

It was a sensational ride

You will become a Red Zvezda player from the summer, what do you expect from that?

“Same motivation, same goal. I’m going there to do what I do best.”

Fight, win?

“Yes, Zvezda won the championship again, they dominated. The Champions League awaits us, the main group, I’m really looking forward to it. I want to be useful for the new team. That’s my DNA.”

Are you also looking forward to life in Belgrade?

“It is a similar city to Prague, historical, with around a million inhabitants. Hopefully we will do well there.”

What would you say in farewell to your teammates and the implementation team?

“They were amazing. I’ve been here with them for a long time. I don’t even know how to properly describe it, they’re just too good (laughs).”

Try it…

“Perfect, great guys. They took care of me, we shared everything together, they are my friends. This connection was special, it gave me confidence because I felt welcome here from the first moment. I want to thank everyone very much for the beautiful times we had here together. It was a ride. I would like to thank the coaches and management very much, they did everything for me to come to Slavia, they believed in me, I will really miss them. They always supported me.”

I would like to dedicate the conclusion to the fans.

“The fans deserve a discharge, they traveled everywhere with us.

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