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Study Shows The Earth Is Holding More Heat Than Usual

According to researchers from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the earth is currently retaining double amount of heat more than it did 15 years ago. This is causing an increase in global temperature, ice is melting and there are higher sea levels.

The study revealed that there has been a great shift in the balance of energy absorbed by the planet from the sun and the energy that is given back into space from the earth. This matter of energy between the sun, earth and space requires a delicate balance that determines the climate down here.

Apart from higher global temperatures, another result of this is that there will be shifts in atmospheric circulations including more extreme events like droughts. The scientists who used satellite data to measure the imbalance discovered that the earth is gaining more energy than it should, this makes the earth to heat up, leading to what is known as a positive energy imbalance.

A great percent of this excess energy finds its way into the ocean, thus impacting fish and marine biodiversity. Human-induced greenhouse gas emissions is part of the cause of this energy imbalance according to the researchers.

The study advises that the amount of heat the earth traps must decline, or climate change will worsen with alarming effects.


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