Stop demanding money for sex, South African female tells ladies


A South African lady, Malindy Hadebe has starred up controversies on social media after she advised ladies to stop demanding money for sex.

She queried that ladies claim to offer sex to their partner as a sign of love but when guys tend to do the same, ladies demand money in return.

She urged ladies in such category to rather get a job to earn a living and desist from such mentality.

“You give him sex to show him that you love him, but when he gives you sex to show you that he loves you he must pay”

“Why don’t you sex yourself since you’re a tax collector. You give him sex, He gives you sex. Where does the money come in? If you need money I suggest you start looking for a Job, not sex,” she posted on her Twitter page.

Reacting to the post, some men have applauded her, noting that she deserved accolades for saying the ‘truth’.



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