Shehu Sani Calls for Vigilance Against Foreign Troops on Nigerian Soil

Senator Shehu Sani Calls for Uncompromising Action Against Bandits
Shehu Sani
Former Nigerian Senator Shehu Sani has taken to the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) to issue a stern warning against the accommodation of French forces and American troops evicted from Niger Republic on Nigerian soil.
In a strongly-worded post, Senator Sani emphasized the imperative for President Tinubu to prioritize the empowerment of the Nigerian Military and other security forces to effectively tackle the nation’s security challenges.
The senator’s statement comes amidst growing concerns over the potential influx of foreign troops into Nigeria following their expulsion from neighboring Niger Republic. Senator Sani asserted that Nigeria must maintain vigilance and avoid accommodating these forces within its borders, stressing the need for self-reliance in addressing internal security threats.
Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Senator Sani called upon President Tinubu to allocate adequate resources and funding towards equipping and strengthening the Nigerian Military and other security agencies.
He emphasized that Nigeria must not depend on foreign intervention but rather assert its sovereignty by building robust indigenous capacity to safeguard its territorial integrity and protect its citizens.
In recent times, many Nigerians have been advocating for self-sufficiency and autonomy in addressing national security challenges.
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