Scores killed as bandits rampage through Taraba

On Friday evening, a group of violent bandits wreaked havoc in the Yantu and Ussa local government communities of Taraba state, resulting in the tragic loss of 11 lives. 

According to local reports, the assailants targeted Rubur Ribasi, Nyicwu, and Ruwah communities in the Yangtu Special Development Area around 6:00 PM, claiming the lives of nine individuals.

Additionally, one person fell victim to the attackers in the Tukwog Community along the Takum-Manya road.

Yakubu Tinya, who narrowly escaped the assault, recounted the harrowing experience, mentioning that the attackers, some of whom appeared to be Fulanis, descended upon the communities, killing people indiscriminately.

The brutality extended to farms, homes, and even individuals on their way back from various activities. Tragically, Mr. Tinya and his brothers were not spared, with one losing his life.

Confirming the attacks, Ambassador Peter Shamwun, the chairman of the Ussa local government council, raised an alarm about the bandits laying siege along the Takum-Ussa road, posing a continued threat to the lives of the residents.

The bandits further targeted Kpambo Yashe community in Ussa local government, claiming another life. In response to the escalating violence, Chairman Shamwun urgently appealed to President Bola Tinubu and Governor Agbu Kefas to assemble a joint task force (JTF) comprising military, police, and vigilantes to expel the bandits from the area.

Expressing concern over the situation, Chairman Shamwun highlighted the impact of the attacks on food security, as residents face danger while going to their farms.

He speculated that the bandits might be displaced individuals from Zamfara and other states who sought refuge in Taraba.

He called for increased efforts from both state and federal governments to eliminate the bandit threat and allow the local population to resume farming activities without fear.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the Taraba State Police Command, represented by the Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Usman Abdullahi, stated that the incident was still under investigation, underscoring the need for a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding the attacks.

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