Reasons Why You Should Have a Quickie

In the sex department, there is nothing more exciting and fun other than a quickie. I never knew this until the night boyfriend and I were together and I was travelling to another city the next day. You know, we were together, talked about a lot of stuffs, how we will miss each other, how to keep the communication alive, how we will be able to cope without each other. The conversation was already getting emotional when I suddenly suggested, “Baby, let’s just have a quickie”. Lol, boyfriend gave me this look, like, “You must be crazy. We are in a restaurant for crying out loud”. But then, it didn’t take long, he immediately bought the idea. We had a quick sex at the restroom and mehn, the quickie was crazy. We almost got caught, lol.

These days, we normally give quickies cold shoulder. Everyone thinks great sex is all about long foreplays, the scene needs to be perfect; they need to shower and the bed needs to have clean sheets. But then, there is nothing like perfect sex. Everything must not be perfect before you and your partner can get down on each other.

Having quickie sex is awesome. It is always fast and furious and makes you feel greatly desirable. Imagine your man fucking you against the wall or on the kitchen counter because he is so attracted to you that he has to have you like immediately. For ladies like us, the fact that your man can’t resist you is a huge turn-on.

Or you and your lover are about to go to separate cities and BOOM! The mood comes up.

Or you just walked past your man in a sexy outfit while he was reading and BOOM! He can’t even concentrate anymore; he pushes you against the wall for a quick sex.

Or both of you haven’t seen each other for a very long time. You finally meet and “Fuck shit! We need to have each other right now”.

Whatever reason it is, quickies are awesome, mind-blowing and amazing. Here is why:

Quickies are for busy lovers:

If you and your partner are extremely busy that there is no time to have a prolonged sex, having a quickie is usually the best option. Both of you might come back from a stressful day and decide to have a quick sex while having your shower.

A quickie makes you very creative;

Most of us don’t know this but quickies promotes one’s creativity. This is because, considering the time limits, both of you have to come up with new sex positions and most importantly where to do it.

Quickies spices up your relationship

One of the fun and amazing ways to spice up your relationship is by having sex somewhere outside your bedroom. Personally, I think it’s boring when you and your lover constantly have sex in the bedroom. It’s always fun when you change environment. Having sex in a different room or floor has a way of spicing up your relationship.

A quickie makes you both feel wanted.

For couples in a long-term relationship, it’s normal for the sexual fireworks to fade. But, having a quick sex has a way of igniting that crazy-hot desire that existed when you both met each other for the first time.

A quickie boosts your energy

An unplanned, short and fast hookup can be so energizing. Maybe you and your partner are dressed up for work on a Monday morning and the mood strikes. Both of you end up having a quick sex before leaving, there is no doubt that you will get to work that morning with a smile on your face. Quickies are spontaneous and hot – the combination of both will keep you feeling fly throughout the day.

Quickies are exciting, fun, amazing, and it keeps the passion going in a relationship. Though that doesn’t mean you should ignore your late-night sex sessions.

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