Reactions as Igbo apprenticeship system passes first phase of editorial work to feature on Harvard publication

713 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 2, 2021

Founder and President of the African Institute of Technology, Professor Ndubuisi Ekekwe has disclosed that the Igbo apprenticeship system has passed the first phase of editorial work to feature on Harvard publication.

In view of this development, once it passes the other stages of editing, a documentation of local Igbo apprenticeship system (IAS) will be published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and made available for all to study, reports say.

According to the Professor in a post on his verified Twitter handle, there are more phases to go before the IAS will be published by Harvard Business Review.

“The Igbo Apprenticeship System work has passed the first phase of editorial work at Harvard. We have more phases to go, but everything is looking fine. Due to the nature of the topic, it is taking time,” he tweeted.

It would be recalled that in September 2020, it was announced that Harvard Business Review (HBR) editors have approved the proposed work on the Igbo Apprenticeship System (IAS).

It was revealed that the aim of this publication is to document the African business framework that has produced multiple millionaires.

Ekekwe averred that “the Igbo Apprenticeship System has frameworks which could be adapted, for the rise of all” and it has “everything the world is looking for to reduce inequality.”

Records have it that Professor Ekekwe, has been writing for Harvard Business Review for 10 years.

Reacting to his tweet, some Nigerians had these to say:

@OwaiKingIbe – In my opinion, it’s time for the famed Igbo apprentice system to transcend beyond just trade into manufacturing, engineering, politics, science and technology. That may be Africa’s gateway to true independence.

@chuvanze –  Great work Prof ND. The apprenticeship system deserves to be codified in a way that it is taught and learnt beyond the Igbo tribe…and becomes a business model that compares with the many models the world boasts of.

@GodspowerAchi – Imagine structuring a business model which employs very good legal counselling and backup, where there is a market for talent among ndi igbo. Young Igbo men and women who have no interest or finance to tertiary education will be assigned as apprentists to successful businessmen

@MervAzeta – This is fantastic! It’s great to see that you followed through on this. I wonder, though, isn’t the definition a mouthful? It’d be great to see something shorter – one that people can easily remember, or communicate quite simply. What do you think, Prof?

@OkparaFrancis1 – The practical session should be done in Nigeria, a way to generate few dollars through tourism. It can be done by designing a three month learning period(short practical session) or a long term practical of up to a year.

@AnatuGreen –  Keep shinning. The Igbo apprenticeship has made many people millionaires and it’s feeding many families. Graduates even work for the “illiterate” business owners. It’s worth researching.




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