Northern group launches initiative to create 10 million jobs for youths

Arewa New Agenda (ANA) recently announced a big plan to create lots of jobs for young people in the 19 states in Northern Nigeria. 

They talked about this plan at a meeting in Abuja. The meeting was about how to help poor families in the North become richer.

The person who started ANA, Senator Ahmad MoAllahyidi, said that Northern Nigeria has many valuable things in the ground, like minerals. He thinks that because of this, people in the North shouldn’t be poor.

He explained that they want to set up something called Integrated Enterprising Productivity Inclusion Platforms in each state in the North.

These platforms will help people make more things to sell and make more money. They believe this will create over 10 million jobs for young people and others.

It will also help the government make more money. They think this plan could make up to 50 trillion Naira every year.

They also believe this plan will help stop things like fighting and stealing. And it will help Nigeria have more money from other countries and make the economy stronger.

ANA also wants to help farmers in the North. They want to make more land available for farming and help farmers grow better crops.

They also want to help people who work with minerals. They want to teach young people about renewable energy, like solar power.

At the meeting, a former government official named Alhaji Yayale Ahmed said that ANA is committed to helping the North become better. He said they will need to change the way they do things to make this happen.

He mentioned some problems in the North, like not having enough money, not enough education, and not getting along with each other. He believes they need to work hard to fix these problems so Nigeria can be stronger.

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