Early in the morning and late in the evening at the pedestrian bridge located at Nicon Junction in the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, he always sits begging for money from pedestrians.
This old Beggar is fondly called Dogo (a tall person in Hausa Language). He was making his living from the begging until things turned around. People who frequently use the overhead bridge would likely know him facially if not by name.
Late last year, I took cognizance that Dogo was no longer begging for money but calling people to come and buy his goods (candy, chocolate, chewing gum, etc). In less than two weeks, he became acquainted with the prevalent market practices. How?
Last week, I and a colleague who is fluent in Hausa Language patronised him and seized the opportunity and had a discussion with Dogo, asking how he raised capital to start his business.
Dogo disclosed that he raised his entire capital from the generosity he received there on top of that bridge. He said he knew people may get tired of giving him money to feed on, he decided to invest.
He further disclosed that he makes triple of the money he used to make from others’ generosity. Even people who never had intentions of buying what he sells do to support his trade. People keep their balance with him as well to support his business.
After everything, we exchanged pleasantries and left. It was indeed a mind-blowing session with Dogo.
There are instances you don’t wait for others to advise you, you advise yourself and take positive steps when necessary.
People who always give you money do also have problems and may not give you money forever, things do change.
To the best of your ability, never remain a liability in people’s lives, try changing the narrative, and become an asset, adding value to their lives.
As long as It depends on you, make hay while the sun shines. Look up and try to see beyond your nose.
You don’t expect your uncle and others who supported you in the university days to keep supporting you forever, others will overtake your position.
If your pocket money is enough to set up a business for you or make you learn a trade while in school, please do, you never can tell what tomorrow holds
Just like Dogo, make the best use of an opportunity you find yourself today because the new Pharaoh may not know Joseph tomorrow.
Do not wait until you have everything you desire before executing your business ideas, start it small, nurture, or and grow with it. Tomorrow may be better than today.
 Start something today and let God bless you with that tomorrow. Rome was never built in a day. What if the situation you found yourself in today, which you are neglecting is the stepping stone to your tomorrow’s success? Just wake up and do the needful.
Theodore Roosevelt intoned: “Your ability needs responsibility to expose its possibilities. Do what you can with what you have where you are”. Make the best use of what you have at every given time; it is capable of bringing out your full potentials.
Now let me ask you, have you heard of Investment Banking before? Knowingly or unknowingly, Dogo is an Investment Banker and he succeeded in it. Read more about it.
Lastly, remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr when he said: “All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they asked and desired”.
What business ideas do you have today but finds them difficult to implement because of the lack of strategies and structure?
As a lawyer when consulted, I do only help you birth a business but help you nurture it and make it grow.
Edikan Ekanem Esq
I8th January 2021

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