Orlu The North Of Imo

Politics is about interest. Nobody goes into politics with a mind as bare and plane as sheets of white papers, free from the scribbles or imprint of inks.

However selfless one seems or appears to be, an interest must be somewhere lurking by the corner, doing clandestine permutations waiting for the right time to strike.

There is no saint in Nigeria Politics. At best one can see someone who strives and struggles on the part of saintly disposition, failing anyway to hit the bull’ eye of saintly conducts, however, making effort not to be obviously a villain, a criminal with pride and arrogance as many politicians flaunt around.

So, we all have interest and those interests most times are not selfless.

The recent Obident movement isn’t selfless. There is an Interest which is to see a better Nigeria where everyone will have equal treatment. A Nigeria where the discrimination on tribe, religion etc would be in the past no more obvious.

That is the interest and a good one if you ask me.

Since the creation of Imo State in 1976 from the East Central State, the state has had nine Administrators and seven Governors. From the seven democratically elected governors, Owerri zone has ruled for six years and ten months. Okigwe zone four years and Orlu zone twenty years and still counting. Politics is about interest that is why one would not be terribly surprised to see someone from either Owerri or Okigwe zone rooting for the continuation of this obvious injustice and inbalance by supporting candidates other than those from the two cheated zones. Their support for such persons isn’t a sin and shouldn’t be criminalised . It is their choice and preference.

Same way one shouldn’t brand and tag anybody trying to beam a conscience and fairness light on such a gross injustice as being “zonalcentric” We all have interest. Mine in this is about fairness, equity and justice.

It appears to me double standing, condemning something and being furious about it when it affects one but keeps a mischievous silence when one benefits from same thing. What we accuse the North is what has become an entrenched trend in my state Imo State.

Orlu Zone has mounted the political space of Imo State like as colossus, so Emperial, deciding who gets what , how is gotten and when. 20 years of rule against 10 years and 10 months of the two zones.

Sadly there is this piece flying around, plotting a political graph on how Owerri zone would get the chance of occupying the Douglas House come 2027. Such political graph plotting is vague and manipulative and I have to iota of trust in it; though it favors my brother, my friend, my class mate who has shown repeatedly, depth and capacity to be a good governor if he gets the opportunity. Would such be enough for me or anybody from Owerri or Okigwe zones to hang in there? On what looks like a promise made in the other room, deep in something at the point of an ecstatic experience? I don’t think so.

Chief Emmaneul Iwuanywu recently said something about the inbalance and asked for a balancing come November. He sounded “zonecentric” with interest? That is politics, which is about interest

I have followed with keen interest the political oratory of our politicians and have come to an unbiased conclusion that they shouldn’t be treated with trust and confidence. Such oratories are like sizzling noise on a hot pan, making too much noise and dying down immediately with no effect.

From what is presently happening in PDP and Labour Party and the kind of persons that will fly their flag in November election, it is a fait accomplie for the ruling party many thought.

“If Hope has such a plan, I am afraid there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it, unless God says otherwise. I am telling you that today Hope has succeeded in putting the APC in Imo State in his pocket. Nobody in the party opposes him. What he says he will do, he will do. I am neither a fan of Hope nor the APC. But recent political development in the State says a lot about his stranglehold on the party. Other parties can’t match his political intrigues”.

The above is a reaction of one of the Imolites on the flying Political plot to give Owerri zone Douglas House come 2027.Though it his personal view, however it saddens me that many have come to this junction of hopeless, believing that Hope is now the king Nebuchadnezzar, the power and mighty himself. Sad!

Imo is not in the pocket of any individual. Imo State is in the pockets of imolites. If your greed and stomach enfrastructure lead you to sell the Imo in your pocket for a penny, goodluck!!


Jarlath Uche Opara Jarlathuche@gmail.com

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