One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 3

Fusion Of Fact

The groups were many and various beyond count. They seemed to be in the seventh heaven of happiness. For example, there was an army of ants and caterpillars ,a herd of buffalo and antelope , a brood of chickens, a litter of cubs, a cowardice of curs, a clowder of cats, a quiver of cobras and an intrusion of cockroaches, all crowning the entire gathering a beauty of diversity . It was a bustle and hustle. A colourful hive of activity, it was. Indeed the forest was intoxicated with the newly found glee of freedom, hope and unity.

Peacock in her many colours swayed and strutted like a comedian. Dove hugged her with her loving wings. “Guess who is here ,compatriots and friends? Who has joined the party? Yes, the queen of all flashy snobs and fakes. Oops! She`s here to spoil our coveted party with her sickening colours and conceit!”Carped Eagle. Duck hobbled about and squeaked, “She`s welcome. We`re different and beautiful, please let us learn to embrace one another with unconditional love like Dove. Queen Peacock symbolises the colours of the rainbow, the diversity of our paradise, the rich forest bestowed upon us by the Supreme Being. What can be more beautiful than that? Nothing”. Queen Bee concurred, her protruding back was wiggling in majestic concentration.

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