One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 10

Fusion Of Fact

Hare, looking pale and piteous, stood up, and he was atypically shivering. His voice quivered, “ Yes, judge. I…l bbb… butchered mmm..more animals, bbb..birds… ree..reptiles, inn….insects than l can …remember..” To think that he used to deliver brilliant and coherent speeches and to compare those presentations to that stuttered revelation was like some kind of a joke or a dream. Animals, reptiles, insects and reptiles were speechless. They were stunned.

Bat asked Elephant to respond to the accusations of perpetuating of an ogre of intimidations, disappearances and mass murders under the instructions of Hare. Elephant tried to stand up, and as if his trunk was too heavy for him, he flopped on the ground. His mouth was ajar. His breathing was heavy, and before they could do anything the big animal breathed his last. While everyone was trying to come to terms with the fateful tumble of Elephant, Hare collapsed. His body looked motionless and lifeless. Bat ordered Rodent to fetch cold water, wondering whether Hare was not up to his old tricks. Cold water was poured over the body of the speedy animal. However, cold water did not resurrect Hare from the dead. He was cold…

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