Omokri reveals 4 things to look out for in a spouse, number 3 will shock you

Table Shaker, Reno Omokri, has urged single people not to make the mistake of marrying someone they’re not physically attracted to.

In a post on Facebook, Omokri revealed four things that single people should look out for when searching for a life partner. He wrote:

Look for four things in a spouse:

Physical attraction

Religious compatibility

Emotional intelligence, and

Financial prospects

It does not matter how spiritual you are, NEVER marry a person you are not PHYSICALLY attracted to because you are spiritually compatible. It is not God that wants you to marry a person you are not attracted to. It is satan. The devil loves marriages were there is no physical attraction, because that is how he can tempt you to commit adultery. Frustrate him by marrying a person that makes you hungry to go home and turn off the lights!


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