Nyansh, big breast top list of what Nigerian men want in a wife

For most Nigerian men, big back side and big breast top the list of what they look for when searching for a life partner. This observation was ascertained in a post made on Facebook by popular social influencer, Amanda Chisom.

In the post, Amanda asked ‘what do you want in a future wife?’ Reacting to the post, some men made the following comments:

Chuka Uche – Good nyash.. Round better bwess… Intelligent.. with nyash.. Prayerful too..with nyash.. Homely.. with nyash.. Organized and always wearing bomb shots so I fit dey tap the good nyash for house.. Creative in the kitchen with also a touch of good nyash.. Everything good.. so long she has nyash

Darap Omoibile –Breast, Caring, God fearing, Chocolate, Calm, A girl I can confined with, Loyal and won’t cheat on me. Love my family then we are good to go

Unogwu Danstereo – Back side like thunder, intelligent, respectful, chef herself, and good creativity.

LouisSophia Nkechinyerem – What else if not ukwu and breeze with a little touch of submission.

Okey Aliyu – Just have Ukwu (Hips). We are good to go.

Panicious Way’s – God fearing woman with some Ashawo vibes. She go get yansh. She go get bress. She go com Sabi cook chia. Better wife material

Sunny Jakpor – Intelligent, God fearing, pretty, neat, fair in complexion, selfless, unpretentious, calm nature, decent, busty and a bit on the chubby side with an average height with a nice shape last last a mixture of decency and privately crazy for me.

Oche Francis Inalegwu – Wife with good heart. Loyal woman not the one that will be going sleeping with men for the sake of betterment of the family

Akinnurun Babajide – I’m very careful picking a lady she most be God fearing, humble and smart also most be a working class woman. Every Woman is Beautiful and one last thing she most be loyal to me if not i move i don’t double date so she should not double date i wll no..im Like very smart about that i will no is my 6sense..

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