November 11: Does Uzodinma Have The Upper Hand

Uzodimma has played all the right politics, by Nigerian standard, that it would be a very job defeating him in the next election. We must tell ourselves this truth or delude ourselves.

He has the FG in his grips. My analysis was that with Buhari’s departure, the Omuma magician’s powers and influence in the FG will significantly whittle down. But, trust Festacers, they are always one step ahead. His investment in becoming the Progressive Governors’ Forum chairman is a masterstroke. He will have almost an unfettered access to Aso Rock, and get many things go his way.

But, Uzodimma is still beatable, if the Imo opposition can get their strategies right.

Uzodimma has failed in the most fundamental of his responsibilities and oath as governor; protection of lives and properties. More people have been extrajudicially murdered and illegally detained under Uzodimma’s watch than at any other time in the history of Imo State.

Imolites must be determined to forge together and defeat him, or, we will forever be counted as a generation of leaders who failed to assert ourselves when it mattered most. We will be counted in history as the set of Imo leaders under whose watch Imo was traded off to outsiders.

Uzodimma is an imposition from outside Imo State. He is fighting hard this time, albeit with our resources and our blood, to legitimise his authority on us, and if you do not fear that he is almost succeeding at that.

Uzodimma had one step closer to a return to the Imo State Government House when he succeeded in literally killing the PDP in Imo State and as well seriously weakening the threat posed by the Labour Party, when that resurgent political movement presumably lost its most vibrant support base; the Obidients, by the choice of its governorship candidate and the reality of how that candidate emerged.

With the close of nomination and with the window for substitution closed, the prospects of having a formidable Third Force might have been lost, except, the major political leaders and stakeholders are able to unite behind one candidate and inspire Imolites to come out en masse to vote for that candidate and defend their votes. This candidate can be the PDP, LP, AA or even a candidate from any of the smaller Parties.

For the first time in his political career, Uzodimma is making huge investments in trying to get the real votes of the people with numerous populist projects and actions he is taking, including, the apparently, fraudulent teachers recruitment, purported payment of gratuity, possible money laundering tactic of sponsoring about a thousand people to Isreal and Jordan for Pilgrimage. But, Imolites cannot be deceived by these things. Uzodimma will still lose in any free and fair election in Imo State.

Rigging the election will become easier for the APC when there is apathy in the election, which is certain to happen, except a candidate emerges that can inspire belief in the people, that he is worth the risk, the sacrifice and any investment to vote and defend their votes. As at now, none of these candidates is inspiring enough to make Imolites risk their lives to find out and vote.

Five months is still a long time in an election, and it is possible that within the period, the political field would become more inspiring that Imolites would see a Messiah in one of the candidates, but if things remain the way they are, then, it is probably another dreadful or even more dreadful and dark four years.

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