Subsidy Removal NLC

NLC Reacts to Petroleum Subsidy Removal 

NLC Reacts to Petroleum Subsidy Removal 

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Tuesday, expressed displeasure over the pronouncement by President Bola Tinubu that the Subsidy Removal without consulting relevant stakeholders and putting in place adequate measures to cushion its effect on workers.

NLC in a statement by its President, Comrade Joe Ajaero noted with regret that a few hours after the pronouncement, some marketers shut down their filling states and immediately there was a price hike in some places.

While describing the action as insensitive, the NLC President said it has brought tears and sorrow to millions of Nigerians instead of the renewed hope the administration has promised.

The statement read: “We at the Nigeria Labour Congress are outraged by the pronouncement of President Bola Tinubu removing ‘fuel subsidy without due consultations with critical stakeholders or without putting in place palliative measures to cushion the harsh effects of the ‘subsidy removal’.

“Within hours of his pronouncement, the nation went into a tailspin due to a combination of service shutdowns and product price hikes, in some places representing over 300 per cent price adjustment.

“By his insensitive decision, President Tinubu on his inauguration day brought tears and sorrow to millions of Nigerians instead of hope. He equally devalued the quality of their lives by over 300 per cent and counting.

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