Nigeria Police to Replace Firearms with Stun Guns

The Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed has said that the force will introduce stun guns in place of fire ammunition for police officers on routine patrol.

He made this known during his visit to the LagosnPolice Command on Monday, stating that, in the long term, rather than the use of firearms, the police force will henceforth use technologies and weapon systems such as electro-muscular disruption technology, commonly known as taser or stun guns.

the decision was made due to the series of incidents between members of the force and the citizens of the country in recent times, where firearms have been misused resulting in unwarranted killings.

Adamu added that the stun guns would be used for routine patrols as a strategic approach towards reducing incidents of fatalities associated with misapplication of lethal weapons by the police. In order to perfect these initiatives, he said they would be engaging with human right bodies, International agencies, development partners and civil society organisations.

IGP Adamu went on further to state that erring officers would be dismissed from the service and prosecuted for murder. He noted that officers worldwide would undergo a training and a reorientation of personnel in compliance with human rights and professional conducts would be organised.

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