Nigeria's Net Zero Goal

MTN Pledges Support For Nigeria’s Net Zero Goal, Reduces Energy Costs By N570m

To help Nigeria reach its 2050–2070 net zero goal, technology company MTN is investing in green energy technologies.

According to MTN, this action would help Nigeria meet its net zero targets by reducing emissions.

The company announced it is working with a renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP) program to deploy a compressed natural gas (CNG) power plan to feed both its corporate office, MTN Plaza, and primary data center in Ikoyi. This was disclosed in the company’s 2023 climate change report.

Nigeria’s Climate Change Act 2021 establishes a framework for setting a net zero GHG objective between 2050 and 2070 in order to achieve low greenhouse gas emission, green, and sustainable growth. Nigeria wants to achieve net zero as soon as possible in the following decades.

According to experts, energy shifting is a labor-intensive process that needs to be deliberated and gradual in order to assure sustainability and ongoing improvement.

The deployment of three 1.1 megawatt (MW) gas generators by MTN, according to the report, has drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions and decreased energy expenses by more than NGN570 million.

MTN claimed that in order to reduce power consumption, it has also placed motion light sensors in buildings and switching hubs. More than 4000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity are produced each month by a 56-kilowatt solar installation established by MTN Nigeria.

According to MTN Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer, Karl Toriola, “Our commitment to Nigeria goes beyond connectivity. We are committed to becoming a part of the solution since we are aware of the environmental difficulties that our country is facing. Not only are our investments in environmentally friendly energy and infrastructure beneficial for business, but they are also crucial for Nigeria’s future.

According to the company, the net zero emissions target is a component of MTN Group’s Project Zero, which aims to increase operational efficiency by reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all of its footprints.

In order to offset the emissions that cannot be avoided, the corporation stated it will reduce energy use, switch to non-green energy sources, and invest in certified climate protection projects with high environmental and social criteria.

The fourth iteration of the mPulse Spelling Bee Competition has also been announced by MTN. The first two rounds of this year’s competition took place on the MTN mPulse website. The competition officially started on August 21, 2023. The competition’s grand finals is slated to take place in Lagos.

The competition, which is aimed at primary and secondary school kids between the ages of 9 and 15, was introduced in 2020 with the intention of encouraging a love of language and education while fostering friendly rivalry among students. Over 40,000 Nigerian students have been equipped with the digital skills, educational materials, and resources necessary to reach their full potential since the competition’s debut.

MTN Nigeria’s Chief Marketing Officer, Adia Sowho, underlined the company’s everlasting commitment to education and youth empowerment in her speech about the brand’s devotion to these causes.

She said, “Words are the bridge to knowledge, we aim to build the future of our young learners, one letter at a time. The MTN mPulse Spelling Bee Competition is not just about spelling; it’s about nurturing a profound appreciation for language and instilling a passion for lifelong learning. We hope to ignite the flames of curiosity and excellence in these bright young minds, and we look forward to our next CEO for a Day.”


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