Marriage Is Not A Reward For Good Behavior; How Right Is Joselyn Dumas On This?

marriage is not a reward for good behavior
marriage is not a reward for good behavior

So Ghanaian actress and media personality Joselyn Dumas, took to her social media handle and shared her 2 cents on relationships.

Speaking on marriage, the actress stated that those who are in fact married are not married because of their good behavior.

Here is what she wrote;

Being married is not a reward for a great character and being single is not punishment for a bad character.. There’s a lot of women with real questionable characters but have amazing marriages and there are a lot of amazing single women out there…”.

When I read that post, I couldn’t help but agree with her. Honestly, marriage is not and should never be a reward for good behavior. It’s sad that we live in a society that the moment a lady is in her late thirties and she is yet to walk down the aisle with a man, people turn around and blame her for having a bad attitude. That’s the reason no man has ever come to ask for her hand in marriage.

In most families, parents are always on their daughter’s neck, telling them how important it is to be of good behavior just so they can find a man to marry. That mentality is seriously flawed and I will tell you why.

Most times we wonder, “why are bad girls getting married easier and quicker than decent girls?  My question is “Who were you being good for?”

You see, good behavior is something expected of every decent human whether male or female and while attraction may come as a result of it, it is certainly not something that automatically fetches anyone a husband.

There is really no Santa Claus sharing marriage as a reward for good behavior. People marry other people regardless of flaws and misconceptions because they get along and not because anybody’s perfect.



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