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Letter from Nigerian bachelors

Hello, our dear future wives, it has come to our notice the trending dismal view you have of us. Many of you are saying that all the good men have gotten married and you single ladies are only left with unserious guys. According to reports going round, all that the bachelors know how to do is to ask aimless, useless, weak and clichéd questions like; have you eaten, come and see me, send me pictures,

We the bachelors want to let you know that we have the best potentials good husbands should have when ranked with other men in the world. Do you not see the bond between old Nigerian couples today? We got it in us too. Do you not observe the admiration we receive from women in other countries; African and non-African alike?

You wonderful damsels will agree with us that our country is facing a lot of challenges. Young men like us have to struggle hard to at least not die of hunger. Unemployment is high. Insecurity is affecting everyone, rich and poor, old and young.

We do not intend to bring you into our homes with this kind of reality, especially the lack of finance. We are not giving flimsy excuses; we mean business and we are doing our best. There are things that can be changed, and it is these things we hope to work on, not those beyond our control.

If you all could come out in the invincible power of your feminity and beauty, stage protests in your different states to let the governments act quickly on our behalf and consequently your behalf too. Remind them of our plight and how it worries you and the society at large.

They know what to do.

We love you too.



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