It’s a New Year and Here Are My Wishes for You

854 views | Sarafina Ann Nneoha | January 2, 2020

It is a brand new month; a new year and a new decade. Who else is as excited as I am? While most of us were at the church firing prayers to usher in the New Year, some were in clubs, parties, home, etc. Wherever you were, it’s a new year and here are the things I wish for you this 2020.

  1. I wish you let God into your life and allow him to guide you through the unknown. 
  2. No matter the uncertainty you are facing right now, I hope you will learn to trust the process and understand that if one door closes, another door opens.
  3. I hope you are able to let go of your past that keeps haunting you and know that you are more than what has happened to you.
  4. I hope you will care more and be more kind to people around you for the sake of humanity.
  5. I hope you will give yourself time. Move at your own pace and understand that just because you are not doing what someone is already doing at their age does not mean that you are any less. And just because you are not there yet doesn’t mean you will never be. 
  6. I hope you will learn to treat yourself with some love – the same you give others. Understand that it is okay to have your space; that it is okay to take a step back and rest. 
  7. I hope you learn to live in the present instead of thinking about your past and always worrying about the future. I hope that you appreciate the present – the time you spend with your loved ones, the laughter, the tears, the love, the conversation, etc. 

I hope you have better clarity on your purpose here on earth but most especially, I wish you happiness and love. Happy New Year!

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