Insecurity, Others: Furious PRP Calls for Revolt Against APC, PDP in 2023   


    A pro-left wing People’s Redemption Party (PRP) has come down mercilessly on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying the two political parties do not have credible solution of the miseries of the popular citizenry, and the insecurity plaguing Nigeria.

    For the PRP, entrusting any of these two political parties with power in 2023, will be a vote for continued suffering of the Nigerian people. The radical PRP is therefore, urging the electorate to brace for a political war in 2023 against unemployment, hunger, poverty, insecurity, and breach of fundamental human rights.

    In a daring X-mas and New Year message to the suffering Nigerian people, PRP Interim National Chairman, Sule Bello, says “for most of us, 2020 has been a difficult year, mainly due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, increasing national poverty and insecurity.

    ‘’These crises have impacted most on the poor and Nigerians especially the Talakawa: i.e. peasants, the jobless youth, our indigent students, toiling women, workers, pensioners, artisans and the unemployed whose daily lives have over the past two decades of elective democracy been worsened by each successive government, especially since the return to elective democracy in 1999”.

    The obviously unhappy PRP is frowning at elected politicians in government for their alleged litany of broken and failed promises. “Promises made have always been breached by the so-called elected politicians in the Executive and the Legislative arms of government”, says PRP.

    Adding, it says as a result, “poverty, unemployment, lack of essential basic amenities such as water, health, housing, education and even the rudimentary feeding needs of the poor are the order of the day for the overwhelming majority of over 200 million Nigerians trapped under the rule of an uncaring and rapacious minority elite.

    “On top of that is a decade of terrible insecurity unleashed by the wicked manipulation of religious and ethnic tensions, which has leaped from isolated corners of raging violent flashes to a calamitous borderless nationwide conflagration threatening to consume us all.’’

    According to Bello, a professor of History and Development Studies, ‘’PDP and APC are “two complementary sides of the same coin with one half in PDP and the other in APC”, and accordingly
    scoffed at the dominant elite in the two political parties for allegedly having “no new ideas to offer” and for “ruling and ruining the nation” since the return to civilian rule in 1999.

    Continuing, the PRP National Chairman said it was the teeming mass of Nigerians’ hopes for a better Nigeria that have “fueled the PRP vision since it was founded in 1978”. He lamented how, “the outgoing year has been a period of trials and tribulations” for the Nigerian people on many fronts.

    “The brainless ruling elite have failed to notice and address the cause of our troubles” which he identified as “the underlying state of poverty, strengthened by ignorance caused by the elite’s foolish annihilation and exclusion from educational opportunities for the majority populace”.

    PRP further scolded the ruling elite for the sad and unfortunate state of affairs we face “further rubbed in the face of the common man by the profligate and obscene display of unearned wealth by those “winning” elections by all means”.

    To remedy the obvious maladies on the political front, Prof. Bello is therefore, calling on Nigerians from all walks of life to rally round PRP as the only truly tried and tested political party judging from its epochal strides in Kano and Kaduna States during the Second Republic, urging that it now needed to be tested on the national scale to resolve the many ills of the past.


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