Bad Sex Year in 2018? This is How to Make Your Sex Life More Fullfilling in 2019

For those of us that had a bad sex year in 2018 and want to improve in 2019, below are the steps that will guide you. For ladies, we complain a lot about men who hardly pay attention to our needs. There is no doubt that we love foreplay a lot but most times the only thing the guy wants to do is to go in, pour the sticky liquid and pull out.

For men, their usual complain is that we ladies are not very active and spontaneous in bed. That all we do is to lie down on the bed and get all the pleasure without giving much in return. But of course there are couples whose sex is always explosive every single time they get down on each other. It is always intense and mind blowing. If you are among those that had a terrible sex year in 2018, you still have the chance to make it better this 2019 with the steps below;

First, you have to cultivate a very healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t been exercising, start doing it. Eat healthier foods, fruits, drink more water and consume less alcohol. It will keep you fit and energized. That way, you will always be full of energy to go down on your partner without getting tired midway. Let us not forget that sex is some kind of sport too and if you are tired or not healthy, you can’t perform well.

Again, you and your partner need to identify what the problem is. Perhaps you guys were used to having this mind blowing sex that leaves you craving for more and then all of a sudden, the spark is no longer there. Finding out the cause of the downward spiral is very much important. You guys need to ask yourself, what could have gone wrong? Could the boring sex be due to deeper emotional disconnection? Most times, that is usually the problem. When you start disconnecting from your partner emotionally, it will definitely affect your sex life.

Also, don’t let things go stale. This was one of the reasons why my ex and I went our separate ways. When our relationship started, it was all fun and cool. But two years down the line, we started growing apart from each other. I don’t know what happened but he stopped flirting with me and I stopped being the naughty girlfriend he once had. I learnt my lesson the hard way, no matter how long you guys have been together, make an effort to be seductive and keep your erotic connection fresh. Break the predictable pattern often as this can help keep desire alive.

The last step is this, keep an open mind. You guys should try new stuffs together; new styles and techniques. You could watch porn together. Learn to pursue your fantasies. Be upfront about what you want and how you want to be touched.

This year 2019, I wish you a healthier and more fulfilling sex life.