If only Oby Ezekwesili had taken Sowore’s Weed

What was Oby Ezekwesili’s agenda? What was her interest? And what was her endgame?

A few weeks to the general election, Ezekwesili woke up marketing the illusion that she was “Esther”; the destined liberator of Nigerians.  She claimed she was running for president under the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN).

Before her political interest, she founded the “Red-Card Movement”, the so-called third force, which only had bite on Twitter. She claimed the goal was to deracinate the APC and to bury the PDP.

But like the BringBackOurGirls group she rode like a rodeo to irrelevance, Ezekwesili huffed with the Red-Card Movement until it lost breath; then came her political ambition.

Really, sometimes, I think she is afraid of becoming a relic; a has-been; hence her nagging relevance chase.

However, issues surrounding her sudden volte-face indicate she was not just chasing relevance with the aborted presidential ambition. There was supposedly “a pot of gold” to be grabbed at the end of the “rainbow”.

The national chairman of her party, Gani Galadima said she only wanted to use the platform to negotiate for the position of finance minister, and that she did not show any sign of seriousness in her campaign. So was it a gambit? Did she not have faith in her cause? Or did she not have the balls to follow through?

Also, there are reports that about N169 million was allegedly made in donations to her campaign. Though it is doubtful that Ezekwesili was in the race for money, but very believable if it is for power and position.

Surprisingly, her party, the ACPN, has endorsed President Buhari’s candidature. This further creates a credibility crisis for madam Oby.

Today, I took Omoyele Sowore’s “weed”, and I wished Ezekwesili had some too. In the sizzling full-frontal interaction with him, I was moved by the depth of his guts. Sowore is no joker.

Sowore is a man who strongly believes in his candidature. He is not in the race for “pecuniary or ministerial position” negotiations. And I strongly doubt if he would cave in to any form of pressure to let go. He believes in his cause.

In fact, when I told him Nigerians were gravitating towards the APC and the PDP, he quickly shot it down and asked me to provide evidence. He seems determined to see the end of the ballot.

There have been speculations that the so-called third force, represented by Ezekwesili and Fela Durotoye, are the jokers of the APC, and that they are in the race to inflict damage on the other side – the PDP. This is not certain. But what is certain is that Sowore is not in this league, and he is determined to inflict mass casualty on both the APC and the PDP.


Fredrick is media personality.

Facebook: Fredrick Nwabufo, Twitter: FredrickNwabufo

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