Nigerian Children Group Roots for Buhari’s Re-election


Nigerian children have called on the good people of Nigeria to vote for the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in the 16th February, 2019 Presidential election for the continuation and stabilization of their good works for the country.

The children, under the auspice of Nigerian Children Ambassadors for Buhari-Osinbajo (NCABO) 2019, made the call in their audio and video materials in support of Buhari’s second term bid. They said they have produced the materials, currently being used in the new media, to advance their appeal to the citizens.

Leader of NCABO 2019, Ambassador Buhsro Ukamaka Obiahu said that one of their productions titled: “Yes Boss, Yes Baba Buhari 2019”, was performed in English, Pidgin, Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba languages to ensure wide outreach of their campaign and tough the feelings of Nigerian parents towards their clarion call.

Ambassador Ukamaka appealed to all Nigerian children to join hands in the Buhari-re-election project by pressing on their parents to vote for Buhari, based on his performance and political will to take Nigeria to the next level, after having achieved so much in his first term for the country and her diverse peoples.

She expressed their happiness with the Buhari-led government, prayed for Nigeria and wished Buhari victory in the presidential polls. A review of the materials showed that Ambassador Bushro Ukamaka Obiahu performed the English, Ambassador Mustapha Abdurrazzaq the Pidgin, Ambassador Huda Ugomma Muhammad the Igbo, Ambassador Danyaro Shafiu the Hausa and Ambassador Nofi Ottah the Yoruba. They were supported by many other Nigerian children Ambassadors at the background.

In another performance titled: “Vote for Our Big Daddy Baba Buhari”, Ambassador Husna Udenne Muhammad engaged the father in a conversation and pleaded with her parents to convinced their uncles, aunts and friends to vote for Baba Buhari and Osinbajo in 2019.

Ambassador Husna told the father that her interest in Buhari was based on the fact that every patriot loved the President because of his good works and honesty in politics. The father assured of his commitment to the continuity project in support of the child’s observations and appeal.

The melodrama was displayed thus: Child: Hmmm, Daddy! Daddy: O my daughter, what is it this time around? Child: Daddy: I want to vote for Baba Buhari and Osinbajo in 2019. Daddy: My dear, you have not reached the age to vote. But why Baba Buhari? Child: Daddy, every good Nigerian loves Baba Buhari and Osinbajo because of their honesty in politics and their selfless services to our fatherland, Nigeria. Daddy: O yes, my dear. That is correct. Child: So daddy you and mummy and uncle and aunty and all your friends will vote. Daddy: Of course, my dear. The difference is clear. Baba Buhari is our Choice! Child: For our future, O daddy! For our future, O mummy! For our future, uncle and aunty; Vote for our Big Daddy, Baba Buhari. Vote for our Big Daddy, Baba Buhari


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