“I will rebuild Anambra day and night,” Governorship hopeful, Maduka vows

Awka – A Nigerian-American Doctor and business man, Dr Godwin Maduka has promised to bring about the speedy transformation and economic recovery of Anambra state within the shortest possible time, if elected as governor of the state.

Maduka, who is vying for the governorship seat on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, said he will use his wide network of contacts and experience in business and administrative concerns to push for the total recovery of the state from its present woeful state.

The business mogul was addressing a gathering under the aegis of Anambra Diaspora Movement Worldwide in the State Capital City of Awka on Saturday.

“What we have missed as a state, is the right man at the helm of affairs, with the right ideas and the passion and willpower to bring dreams to reality. Coming from the background of rags to riches, I am convinced I am that man that Anambra needs to move from its present unsatisfactory state to an envy of all. Most of the projects I have embarked on were accomplished with commendable speed. When we build infrastructure in my Community, Umuchukwu, it was done with utmost dispatch and that’s the mentality, I want to bring to the state governance. Enough of leaders sleeping on their oars,” he said.

Maduka who shared his ten point development agenda with the forum, centered on Education, Health, Agriculture, Commerce, Infrastructural Transformation among others, also hinted on his plans to entrench a functional Social Welfare Scheme for Anambrarians, as obtains in developed societies of the globe.

In his view, with the existence of such schemes, the gap between the rich and the  poor can be minimized and platforms created for the people’s realization of their manifest destiny irrespective of their social status.

“When my foundation embarked on the distribution of palliatives to all the Communities of Anambra State during the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic, a major observation I made was the level of hunger and poverty among our people. This was largely because there were no existing channels of welfare to cater for the people. This is one of the initiatives I have on my agenda to execute when I come on board as governor of Anambra State,” Maduka promised.

In the area of commerce, Maduka said he envisions an Anambra with a viable land, air and water transportation systems.

He explained that the vision is driven by the realization that over 80 percent of containers of goods that arrive at the ports in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, is owned by Igbos and the fact that people of race have broken records in commerce and industrial concerns the world over.

“This is a major area of comparative advantage of our people which our regional governments have not explored. As a governor, I will tackle this issue through education, infrastructure and financial support. Basic education will help the average Anambra person break barriers in transacting business while the infrastructure will ensure easy movement of goods and services. Financial support has to do with availing our Small and Medium Scale Entreprises, MSMEs, the necessary capital to blossom. I believe that if we are able to accomplish these, our commerce and industry sector will be well poised to compare favourably with those of countries like China, Taiwan, Germany and many others,” he enthused.

Maduka, who is also the Founder of Las Vegas Pain Institute and Medical Centre, said he also has plans to make Anambra a centre for Medical Tourism in Africa and set machineries in place for the production of Anambra brand of drugs which will open up revenue source for the state.

In his words, “As an expert in Surgery and Anasthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Management, I have built the tallest Medical Research Building in the whole of Africa, which we built night and day in line with our tradition of handling projects with dispatch. I have the capacity to start the medical revolution of Anambra State and if I am elected, our people will see this vision materialize.”

The PDP frontline Governorship aspirant also vowed to run a people-driven administration that will maintain constant consultation with the led.

This, he noted, will ensure that the state government provides for the critical needs of the people and not bogus projects that have little or no impact on the lives of the people.

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