I Like Boys And Girls – Billie Eilish

I Like Boys And Girls - Billie Eilish

Popular Instagram user Billie Eilish recently saw a large decline in her following after being candid about her sexual orientation at Variety’s annual Hitmakers Brunch. The Grammy Award-winning musician acknowledged her gay identity in response to inquiries concerning the Power of Women issue of the magazine.

Eilish expressed surprise that her being “attracted to women” was not previously apparent when she disclosed this in the honest interview. “No, I didn’t.” However, I kind of felt, “Wasn’t it obvious?” “I had no idea that people were unaware,” the 21-year-old vocalist said. Eilish expressed her reluctance to consider “coming out,” saying, “I just think, ‘Why can’t we just exist?'” I’ve been doing this for a while, but I never mentioned it. Whoops.

After being transparent about her sexual orientation, Eilish’s Instagram following decreased significantly. In the last 30 days, she lost 117,750 followers, with a particularly large dip on December 3. According to Latestly, she reportedly lost 40,428 followers the day following her red carpet interview.

Eilish wrote with a mixture of relief and astonishment, saying, “I saw the article, and I was like, oh… I guess. Today, I came out! Alright, neat. She was excited for others to discover more about her true nature, even with the unexpected admission. But it’s great that kids are aware. I feel so awkward talking about it! However, I’m here for the girls, she said.

In a recent Instagram post, Eilish addressed Variety’s coverage and thanked the magazine for the award, but she also expressed her displeasure over being “outed” on the red carpet. She said, “Thanks Variety for my award and for also outing me on a red carpet at 11 am instead of talking about anything else that matters,” holding out a set of pictures. Please leave me alone; I like both lads and girls. Really, who gives a damn. Watch “What Was I Made For” online.

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