Husband Material


Sequel to my first article titled ‘Wife Material’ a lot of appeals have been made to publish a counter article focusing on potential husbands. So ladies, I have compiled a list of attributes I feel all of you desire to have in your man.

While growing up, I have always been told that it is not idle for a man to raise his hand on a lady and this principle has guided me even till this very moment. I recollect some months back when there were reports of rampant cases of domestic violence reported by the media and this has led young women and ladies to vow not to get involved with a man in the future. Guys out there, let me say this categorically that is it not idle to hit a woman no matter her offense. There are other ways to correct or reprimand her if needed.

Another attribute most ladies look for in a man is his ability to be understanding. This trait seems to be lacking in most guys today especially if we do not get certain requirements from our ladies. An understanding man is one who is always patient and willing to look the other way when his partner does something wrong. Some may argue that this is forgiveness but both attributes go in tandem. Both attributes go hand-in-hand as ladies find men with such overly attractive.

This article would not be complete if finance is not discussed. Every woman irrespective of her upbringing wants to be comfortable when looking for a life partner. Although some ladies cannot be friends with guys who are not financially buoyant, some prefer to build with their partners. Following the increase in the cost of living in Nigeria, being financially buoyant especially among men is very important for ladies when choosing a life partner. Some guys may argue that most ladies always emphasize on dating and getting married to wealthy men but I put it to you today that you must not be overly wealthy before you get married. You can be comfortable and still get married as long as you do not have to struggle to feed from hand to mouth daily.

While some ladies will disagree with this next point, some may agree with the fact that ladies love men who can cook and clean. I know it is really not a necessity for all men to know or learn how to cook meals but at least, most ladies like it when a man engages in some basic things. A true husband material does not have to always wait and rely on the woman to always get into the kitchen and prepare him meals. Whatever happened to breakfast in bed guys??

Ladies love to be pampered and this is a way of winning them over. As for the issue of cleaning, no one likes to be friends with an untidy person. Being clean and tidy is one of the requirements for you to be considered ‘husband material’.

Spontaneity is another attribute most ladies require in their future husbands-to-be. No one likes a boring personality and being spontaneous is one of the key attributes in guys to be considered husband material. I know some of our readers will be wondering what happened to other attributes and traits like being God-fearing, honesty, being considerate and so on but the truth of the matter is this; the issue of religion is a very sensitive one and it solely depends on the people in question.

Finally, it is imperative for all guys to constantly work on improving themselves both physically and intellectually because the best project you can ever work on is yourself. Set realistic goals and be willing to accommodate new and positive changes where necessary.

What do you think ladies, did I openly speak your mind?


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