Dear Guys, How Important Is This Bro Code?

So, I was roaming online this morning when I came across a Facebook post made by a lady. Here is what she wrote;

I was still dating my ex when his best friend sent me a dam and asked “Unjani Kodwa, how is my best friend is treating you though? I responded, “He has not texted me today:… he said, “I can do better”… and he meant it coz we are celebrating our 3rd anniversary. I guess what I am trying to say is that, your soul mate might be your boyfriend’s best friend, his brother or dad”.

The moment I read this post, the first question that came to my mind was, “What happened to the Bor’s code? Like, why would a guy go behind his best friend to snatch his lover?” it didn’t really make sense to me.

See, no matter how much we try to downplay it, every guy out there has this bro code just like we ladies have this “Sister code”. It’s like an unspoken rule between friends that shouldn’t be broken. Of all the rules that make up the bro code, the most important rule or code is, “Never date a bro’s girlfriend or rather, never hit on a bro’s girlfriend”.

Hitting on your friend’s girlfriend is just disrespectful no matter what.  Your guy trusts you when he introduced his girlfriend to you. Be nice, be playful but don’t flirt with her or get overly sexual. Be a good friend and know your boundaries. So the fact that this guy actually went behind his friend’s back to flirt with his girlfriend still baffles me.

Personally, as a lady, the highest disrespect I can give my female best friend is flirting with her boyfriend no matter what. But then, unlike me there are people out there who wouldn’t mind flirting or dating their best friend’s partner.

So, which league are you? Mine? Or people that treat the bro and sis code with so much disregard?

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