How to Spice Up Your Relationship

In every relationship, it is possible that there would be a time when the two lovebirds will grow too comfortable with each other. Let’s say, for the first six months, it is all excitement and adrenaline rush but after two years, both lovebirds really have to work to keep the romance.

I recently detected this happening in my own relationship. When the relationship first started, it was very fun and nice. You know, he would call me at least three times a day, we chat non-stop, we gist, we exchange love text messages, it was all ‘lovey dovey’ until one year passed.

It was more like we finally reached that comfortable spot in our relationship. We could even finish each other’s sentences, the excitement in the relationship was gone and it became boring. Not that we didn’t love each other anymore but it was more like everything we did in the relationship became a routine, the excitement was slowing fading away.

There is no doubt that everyone most times encounter this boredom in their relationship. So the question is, how do you keep things romantic and always exciting in a relationship? How can you and your partner avoid feeling like the romance is gone in the relationship?

Below are five great ideas that will help spark the passion and excitement in your seemingly boring relationship. Sit back and read through.

  1. Try something new together

There is no better way for igniting the spark in your relationship than trying something new together with your partner. Be adventurous. Do something crazy together.

  1. Be expressive of your love and generous with compliments

When my boyfriend and I started feeling bored in our relationship, one of the things we did in order to bring back the excitement is being vocal on what we like about each other. Reminding your partner how much you love them and letting them know how much you appreciate them in your life can help you keep the romance alive in your relationship.

  1. Reignite the past positive memories.

This is certainly another way to ignite the spark in your relationship. Think of all the good times you have spent together, relive the positive memories you created, visit those memorable places you had been to, try and remind each other where you first met. Doing these would help spice up the relationship.

  1. Plan for the future together

Okay, this doesn’t mean you both have to start planning on getting married or something. You can plan a weekend getaway or a vacation. Making these plans gives you something to look forward to. It gives your relationship a little adrenaline rush; making you guys feel a sense of appreciation for each other.

  1. Learn to forgive each other

One year down the line in m relationship, I discovered that my boyfriend and I became less demonstrative of our affection to each other, we argued even on the smallest things and it was really tearing our relationship apart. The truth is that a lot of these petty fights can be avoided if you learn how to overlook some things and forgive your partner. Be sensitive to each other’s needs at all times. This is a good way to spice up your relationship.

I have found these tips very much helpful in my relationship and I hope they will be to you. There are many more ways you can spice up your relationship and I am still searching for more. When it comes to relationship, look at it as a lifelong adventure.

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