How To Kick-start Your Monday Morning Feeling Motivated

Of all the days of the week, Mondays are the worst. I despise Monday mornings so much that I look at Sunday as an impending doom. I woke up this morning feeling too lazy to get my ass off the bed.

The truth is that regardless if you are a student, an employee or you are running your own business; it is often a problem to stay motivated on Mondays after relaxing over the weekend. Monday morning make you feel like a giraffe – all gawky and spotted, all sleepy eyed and too tired to get up from bed.

Even though Monday mornings can be this hard to deal with, we need to realize the fact the Mondays can kick start a beautiful week. It can keep the entire week’s productivity up as it offers momentum for the rest of the weekdays. I am sure none of us want to sleepwalk through life. We all have things that needed to be done, goals to be achieved. So the question now is, how do we increase our motivation to work on Mondays?

Below are some of the things that will certainly keep you motivated on a Monday morning.

  1. Make sure you get enough sleep on Sunday night

Getting enough sleep or rest on Sundays has a way of getting you excited and motivated to work on Monday. This is because no matter how much your mind and heart is willing to get up from bed on a Monday morning, if your body is weak and tired, it kills all the motivations. So make sure you have enough rest on Sundays. To give you that jolt of energy on Monday, get at least a 9 hours sleep on a Sunday.

  1. Have a list of goals to be achieved during the week

One of the reasons why a lot of us don’t feel motivated to work on a Monday morning is because we actually have no goals set aside to be achieved for the week. By writing down our weekly goals before the week starts, it increases our motivation to work on Mondays. Doing this reminds you that there is work to be done and you really need to get your ass up from the bed.

  1. Exercise

Again, exercise has a way of boosting your motivation for the day. Begin your day by either hitting the gym or squeezing in a home workout. It elevates your mood and keeps you alert throughout the whole day.

  1. Enjoy your weekend

One of the reasons why you don’t feel motivated at the beginning of the weeks is probably because you haven’t actually given yourself a break. Even though it might be difficult not working during the weekend, but you have to learn to give yourself the luxury of resting during the weekend. Avoid taking any work-related calls or checking any project. Give yourself a break and enjoy your weekend. When you do this, it will certainly help you to be more prepared and motivated on a Monday morning.

With the tips above, be rest assured that your Mondays will be better. You wouldn’t work into your office with this strange light feeling in your stomach. You will make your way purposefully to your desk. You will be so filled with energy and motivation to start the day.


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