How to be an Irresistible Man


The importance of grooming is far too often underappreciated by men. It is important that you leave a very good first impression when you come in contact with people as the process of judging starts as soon as you meet someone new. Here are some important grooming Tips and Tricks to help form part of your daily routine.


  • Have a style and work with it; your clothing may speak for your style. But grooming speaks for how much you value your image. Do not step out overly dressed or underdressed.
  • Wear formal clothes.
  • When you shake hands, shake firmly as it exudes confidence.
  • Avoid use of strong perfumes as many people can be allergic to them.
  • Always comb your hair neatly brush if you wear short hair
  • Facial hair makes you look good and manly but must be nicely trimmed.
  • Never allow your finger nails and toe nails to grow too long.
  • Always wear a smile
  • Ensure you wear deodorant every day before stepping out.


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