How Do You Deal With Ingrown Hairs in the Bikini Area?

Ingrown hairs are the hairs that haven’t managed to break through the skin (for example, because of its thickness) and are forced to grow underneath it. This can happen due to frequent shaving, sugaring and other hair removal methods.

On the outside, the ingrown hairs can look like small reddish bumps.

If they stay under the skin for too long, this may lead to inflammation with the hairs developing into pustules.

Besides, ingrown hairs aren’t aesthetically pleasing, which causes psychological discomfort.

The problem can be solved by removing them. The best option is seeing a cosmetologist. Getting rid of the ingrown hairs at home is acceptable only if they are an occasional occurrence and there are no pus-filled rashes on the skin.

To do this, steam the problem area, disinfect it, hook a hair with a sterile needle treated with an antiseptic and pull it out with sterile tweezers. Then, disinfect the puncture site.

To prevent ingrown hairs, you should be more responsible when it comes to hair removal.

Before the procedure, take a warm shower and apply an exfoliating agent to the skin. Also, make sure your razor blades are always sharp and clean.

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