General Buhari’s 2020 Nigeria

Dictators cannot survive for long without repressing and oppressing the people and buttering up security agencies. General Muhammadu Buhari is behaving no differently. My predictions for General Muhammadu Buhari’s 2020 Nigeria are based on the following: (1) Buhari’s tyrannical rule in 2019, (2) Buhari’s subversion of 1999 constitution as amended, his suspension of rule law, and (3) Buhari’s naked nepotism.

If all the three elements of Buhari’s leadership style remained the same in 2020, Nigerians have good reasons to worry about how Buhari’s Nigeria will look like in 2020. It is also certain that Nigeria will be worse in 2020.

Nigeria in 2020 will become a full-blown authoritarian nation. The media will be non-existent. Freedom of press will be history. Nepotism will be on a more expansive and extensive scale led by Buhari the Commander-in-Chief of nepotism. Right now, all federal corporations and agencies – security, customs, immigration, army, navy, railway, prisons, EFCC, CCT, ICPC, federal judges, federal civil service, to name but few, are headed by Fulanis.

Nigeria 2020 under Buhari will descent into an apartheid nation. Selective justice based on ethnic persecution and prosecution of political opponents and critics will be the law of the land. Dissidents will be cowed and caged by EFCC, SSS, NPF, Soldiers, and other security agencies.

Nigeria will become a nation where state power will be used extensively and aggressively by Buhari to reward backers and punish opponents and critics. Corruption will wear a new national honour with a highly respectable professional recognition and respect. Buhari will stack the Supreme Court with Fulanis whenever he gets the opportunity to appoint Supreme Court justices. The same goes for federal judges.

In 2020, Buhari will finally lay democracy to rest. Rule of law, freedom of speech, right of association assembly and protest, will be proscribed. Nigerians will enjoy more power outages. Roads, water, healthcare system, public transportation, schools, housing, etc., will remain pipe dreams as they have been for almost 60 years. Nothing will change for the better.

Kidnapping for ransom, killings for ritual, armed robbery, endemic unemployment, epidemic prostitution, abject poverty, disease, hunger, insecurity, will turn Nigeria into a horror nation. The coming back of ancient evils will be unpredictable and unprecedented. It will be on a colossal scale.

Buhari’s renewed assault on Nigeria’s constitutional order will be swift and severe. Buhari will continue to break his promises in a heartbeat and without remorse. There will be little or no respect for existing norms, values, and rules. Political detainees will continue to be held in detention against court orders. Needless to say, more opponents and critics will be arrested, detained, and incarcerated with or without bail.

In 2020 Nigeria, General Buhari will hasten the ethnic cleansing of South-South, South-West, and South-East. Here comes the clincher: The Fulanisation and Islamisation of Nigeria will come full circle. Toward this end, dictator Buhari had laid the groundwork in 2019. For example, all security agencies are headed by Fulanis. Any resistance will be speedily quelled by Fulani led security outfit.

These fears may strike many of you as alarmist. But given the past conduct, statements, policy decisions of General Buhari, these fears are well-founded. For Nigerians who continue to support blindly the atrocities of Buhari, and the rest sitting on the fence, the time bomb is ticking. And 2020 is a year to watch out for.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. You will be surprised one day in 2020 to wake up to a full Fulanised and Islamised Nigeria… It will be anything but a happy new year!

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