Finding Your Libido-mate; How Important Is It in a Relationship?


I was roaming the streets of twitter yesterday night and I came across a funny tweet. It says,

“Apart from soul mate, biko try and marry your libido-mate. If you are the kinda person that loves foreplay, find your match. If you are the kinda person that loves it slow, find your match too. Don’t harass somebody’s son or daughter with your oliver twist libido”.

Lol. When I saw this tweet, I just laughed. It was a funny one but still, I couldn’t help but agree with whoever tweeted that.

Seriously, the reason why most relationships or marriages go south these days is mainly because of sexual compatibility. In a society where talking about sex is considered a taboo of some sort, most people don’t really consider their sexual compatibility before walking down the aisle.

Imagine you are lady who loves crazy sex positions, you love to explore and then you get married to a man who isn’t that crazy in bed and isn’t open to explore as much as you do. He doesn’t even talk dirty. To be honest, in this kind of situation, there is every tendency that the lady would cheat on her husband.

See, sex and being sexual compatibility are one of the most important parts of maintaining a relationship. Sex is a huge part of every relationship. It’s not something that can be excused when it’s inconvenient.

Relationships are holistic partnerships, with every aspect tied to the others. Feeling as though your needs or desires are being neglected or ignored in one area is inevitably going to affect the other areas. And while it’s easy to simply say “well, that’s the price of entry” to the relationship, a lack of sexual satisfaction isn’t something that can be brushed under the rug. If it’s left unaddressed, it will grow and fester, turning from dissatisfaction to bitterness and resentment.

So, like the tweet said, to avoid stories that touch, when venturing into marriage, don’t just focus on finding your soul mate, find someone whose libido matches yours; someone whose sexual energy matches yours. Someone whose outlook on life is just as clean or dirty as yours is.

It might sound like a small thing, but it really isn’t. Someone who doesn’t think about sex that much won’t be comfortable partnering up with someone who does.

If your sexual energy is on the clean side, look for a partner who’s the same.

Or what do you guys think?



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