FC Union Berlin and head coach Urs Fischer part ways

FC Union Berlin and head coach Urs Fischer part ways

FC Union Berlin and first ream head coach Urs Fischer have parted ways following 5 successive seasons together. According to Union Berlin, the joint decision was taken by Union president Dirk Zingler and Fischer in person during a meeting on Monday afternoon.

Fischer, who is regarded as the club’s most successful coach, joined them in July 2018, where he successfully helped the club return to the top flight league in his first season in charge. Following the promotion, Union remained in the top tier of the Bundesliga and In the following three seasons, Fischer then led the team to seventh, fifth, and fourth placed finishes, qualifying for the UEFA Conference League, Europa League and ultimately the Champions League competitions for the first time in the club’s history.

Union Berlin President showered Fischer encomium despite the ugly development:

“I recently made it clear that Urs Fischer is an outstanding coach, and I remain absolutely convinced of that,” explained Union president, Zingler, on the joint decision. “His personality and his successful work have characterised our club in recent years and opened many new opportunities for us. In the five and a half years that we have worked together, we have developed a respect and trust for each other that has enabled us to always exchange ideas openly and honestly. Together, we have now come to the conclusion that the time has come to take a different path.”

“This is a very sad moment for not only for me personally, but certainly for the entire Union family,” he continued. “It hurts that we have not managed to break the negative run of recent weeks. I am grateful and proud when looking back on the time we have spent and the successes we have celebrated together. As painful as this separation is, Urs Fischer is leaving as a friend who will always be welcomed by us with open arms.”

Fischer said:

“The last few weeks have cost a lot of strength, meanwhile. We’ve tried a lot, and the team has put in a lot of effort, but it hasn’t paid off in terms of results. I am very grateful for the confidence I have always felt here. Nevertheless, it feels right to make a change now. Sometimes a different face, a different way of addressing a team helps to spark a development.”

“I’ve got to know and appreciate an exceptional club in Union. My thanks go to the players I have been able to work with, Markus Hoffmann and my team, the club’s management, and staff, as well as the fans. I am very lucky to have experienced this extremely positive kind of support. I wish Union all the best and am convinced that they will manage to stay in the league.”

Union Berlin are sited at the bottom of the Bundesliga table with 6 points, they have only won 2 of their league games and lost 9 since the start of the season.

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