False Hope & Violence Motivate Youths To Flee Abroad

Youth Unemployment

Sudan leaders powerplay today is not different from Somali, Rwanda, Sierra Leone or Biafra/Nigeria wars. It has blinded our Youths, desperately jumping from the frying pan into fire. They usually realize too late that they have an African country that can rescue them in Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Ukraine and Asian countries. While those in Nigeria wanted to fight for Ukraine until they were asked to pay to be recruited. It shows how cheap African life is.

Africa was progressing and building needed potential after Independence, we must constantly be reminded. Arrested development started when these same soldiers that were trained for acts of war and destruction of enemies fighting their countries, turned inwards against one another. They came as saviors but left as power hungry forces of mass destruction and mutilation fighting to legitimize themselves as popular civilian rulers through elections.

The Armed Forces would usually incorporate a hybrid of hand picked civilian governments that took orders and directions to implement their uninformed whims and caprices. It was the beginning of regression and the race to the bottom. The accomplishments of the founding fathers were embellished in the name of God and War Against Indiscipline as teasers. This brought the worst indiscipline and normalized forbidden culture of corruption.

If there was a place for any African and their foreign friends would rather be, it was Nigeria. Many scholars followed Kwame Nkrumah to Ghana, as many more also followed Herbert Macauley, Azikiwe and Awolowo to Nigeria. There was another Movement led by Marcus Garvey in the United States. The Activists proudly called it the Back To Africa Movement. Those led to the beginning days of the Africa renaissance: Say It Loud, I’m Black And Proud!

Nigerians were the ones the rest of African descendants throughout the world were looking up to. As the country raced to the bottom, some Diaspora Africans especially those that were deep into African studies, married to Africans and on visits started asking their husbands, wives and friends: if Nigeria cannot save itself, how can it save the Black world?

When the Shagari Government kicked out the children of Nkrumah, Obafemi Awolowo and Nnamdi Azikiwe cried out loud about which African would kick out peaceful Ghanaians that were only minding their own businesses. They were teachers needed for the implementation of Free Education, professionals and laborers eking out a living without drawing attention to themselves or engaging in nefarious activities detrimental to the communities.

Unlike some Nigerians that were loud, ostentatious and a few of them noted for criminal activities soiling the peace loving majority of Nigerians like other Africans. Yet, the Nigerian President answered a foreign reporter at a conference of world leaders that he is aware that his country is “fantastically corrupt” but not personally embarrassed. Possibly because he thought he was doing everything he could to correct the situation.

It is to the amazement of Nigerians that they can be resented or kicked out by those they called ungrateful or that they got kicked out because of jealousy! One of the main reasons Nigerians have invited resentment at home and abroad has to do with petty retail trade that anyone can do locally wherever there is a market. That is, retailers looking for informed consumers outside home, with money and tastes for the services that anyone can provide.

African politicians and businessmen emulate the worst form of greed in both Capitalism and Socialism. Even worse is the fact that Africans that make their first millions or billions cannot wait to launder the money outside African countries into Europe, America, Asia and Arab countries. We all know these as our problems and complain bitterly about them. But we are the same people voting and praising rogues and vagabonds because when we get the opportunity, we do the same thing or worse.

There are laws and regulations against most forms of lawlessness. Since there are hardly any politicians or businessmen that are squeaky clean. They are not different from the rest of the world that would cheat or dodge paying taxes. But it becomes an aberration when the privileged class would flaunt the laws and commit crimes against many people. They then shout out against those who commit one crime or first time offenders as the worst criminals demanding stiff punishment or juggle justice to distract us from their own crimes.

There are cases of the rich family we all know that wasted the inheritance their parents left them while the wise family multiplied their wealth. We even have the stories of how talents were taken from the ones that did not know how to use it and given to the ones that knew how to use and multiply wealth. Other families exhausted their inheritance on those smarter than them like lawyers, real estate agents, accountants and developers in exchange for money on immediate lascivious lifestyles only to become poor later in life.

Feeding on the sweat and labor of others is exploitation not development unless the place or people gained from your input. After all, they load foreign goods in containers to Africa, sold at higher prices than in the United States and ship empty containers back for more imports. Affordable retail market is the key to riches. Everyone cannot be sellers where a sizable number of buyers is needed to establish market profits.

Americans in their pursuit of low wage Labor to maximum profit, take ingenuity and money outside to establish in developing countries for higher returns back home. But Africans exhaust their earned income from natural resources by laundering them into foreign goods and markets without establishing their own in their countries.

African militricians by tulasi, change uniforms into civilian clothes by force or rigged elections in Sudan and other African countries ravaged by civil wars became copycats of the predators in the Western and Eastern countries supplying them arm to fight one another to extinction. They take most of us as fools and even claim: only little people pay with their lives!


Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa

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