Enemies of former PDP VP candidate, Peter Obi should devise another strategy- Aide

The PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secundus (middle), flagged by Mr. Peter Obi (right) and Hon. Emeka Ihedioha ( left), during their rally at Edo State on Monday.

Mr Valentine Obienyem, the Special Adviser to former Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Peter Obi on Media, has debunked as fabrication, the news circulating on social media platforms, that the former PDP Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi had fallen out with the PDP and its leaders due to mismanagement of campaign funds.

Earlier this week, two versions of the publications signed by two different people surfaced online, claiming that Obi is presently at loggerheads with the PDP hierarchy over funds budgeted for PDP campaigns.

But in a release made available to TNC on Wednesday, Obienyem said the authors of the publications were either confused or out of their wits, however saying that one thing was certain – the source of the fake news.

“I am always happy each time I see such a fabrication, because, it is usually sure evidence that after another round of research and going through the books, Obi’s detractors found nothing on him and resorted to their penchant to manufacture what did not and probably would never exist.

“I recall how most of them who were involved in campaigns at different times were either questioned or detained by anti-corruption agencies. Due to Obi’s known principles in the management of public funds, he was neither invited nor questioned at any time,” Obienyem pointed out.

The Aide opined that those who had followed Obi since his foray into public life, would have noticed the discomfort among some people, that Obi has always proved to be a different politician.

“Being human”, Obienyem said, they pray and fast that Obi should sin a little even out of respect for the frailty of human nature. Now that it is clear to them that Obi is beyond reproach, they should look elsewhere, towards another strategy and not on the direction of financial impropriety.”

Meanwhile, Obienyem said that contrary to what they wrote on Edo Campaign, that Obi had actually been to Edo three times on campaign, including on Tuesday, where he parleyed fraternally with the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secundus who was reported to have declared him persona non grata.

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