Do not leave your parents’ house immediately you graduate, Omokri urges Youths

Popular Nigerian Table Shaker Reno Omokri has urged Nigerian youth not to be in a hurry to leave their parents’ house after completing their higher education.

In a post on Facebook, he advised fresh graduates who just got jobs to save up and start a business before leaving their parents.

He wrote:

Dear youths,

When you graduate and get a job, don’t immediately leave your parents house to rent a place. If possible, stay with your parents. Endure any discomfort you may experience from your parents or siblings. Save what you would have spent on rent and use it as capital to start a business or buy a home. Because your greatest expenditure in life will be what you spend on accommodation. If you can reduce or eliminate that, you will be in a good position to use your income to create an outcome that will enable you overcome poverty forever.

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