Deputy Russian General Vladimir Killed in Ukraine

Vladimir Ukraine Russian

The Governor of Russia’s Voronezh region has verified the death of Deputy Commander Major-General Vladimir Zavadsky of Russia’s 14th Army Corps in Ukraine.

According to him, Maj. Vladimir Zavadsky died during combat at a ‘special operation zone’.

Last Wednesday, reports indicated that he was killed by a mine explosion, but conflicting information emerged regarding the location of the incident.

However, the Russian Defence Ministry has not provided any information or statement regarding the incident as before.

His death marks the seventh Russian general confirmed to have lost their life in the conflict in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities and Kyiv’s air force reported the successful interception of 10 out of 17 attack drones launched by Russia overnight. The governor of Ukraine’s Lviv region mentioned that three drones targeted unspecified infrastructure, causing minimal damage without any reported casualties.

Concurrently, six S-300 missiles were reportedly launched at civilian targets in eastern Donetsk and southern Kherson.

In response, Russian officials said that their forces had neutralized at least 35 Ukrainian drones. The Russian Ministry of Defence released a statement on Tuesday, claiming to have thwarted an attempt by the Kyiv regime to execute a terrorist attack with aerial drones. The statement added that 22 Ukrainian drones were destroyed, with 13 others intercepted over the Sea of Azov and Crimea.

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