Just as ladies have their own natural milk which is the breast milk, men too have their own milk which is the semen. The semen is really an interesting fluid. It is that white sticky substance that shoots from the penis during a sexual intercourse. It is normally released into a lady’s vagina to fertilize the egg which can eventually grow into a baby.

So, ladies, have you ever thought about the benefits of this cold sticky white drink? The man milk? I know it sounds crazy but the man milk aka sperm has a lot of benefits. Make yourself comfortable, grab your popcorn and read through the benefits listed below:

  1. Sperm nourishes the skin and makes you look younger

The white sticky milk contains a lot of protein which helps tighten the skin while the minerals help to nourish and soften the skin. Again, sperm has this powerful antioxidant which is called “Spermine”. This antioxidant helps to diminish wrinkles and smoothens the skin making you look younger than your age.

  1. Sperm helps you relax your nerves

Sperm contains some components with anti-depressant qualities. One of the components is the nerve growth factor which helps relax a lady once it is released so that it can be able to achieve its reproductive objective.

  1. Sperm makes you live longer

I know you probably have your brows furrowed in confusing but the truth is that taking in a man’s semen whether by ingestion or through intercourse can make you live longer. This is because of the presence of Spermidine which not only increases one’s lifespan but it also prevents liver disease as well as liver cancer.

  1. It helps whiten the teeth.

If you are among the ladies looking for a way to whiten your teeth, look no more and check out your man’s milk. Sperm contains an element known as “Zinc” which is a natural teeth whitener. This is nothing compared to the white paste you are used to putting on your toothbrush.

  1. Sperm keeps your hair healthy:

Most ladies spend a lot of money buying chemicals to maintain their hair forgetting that their man’s sperm can do the work. Because of the numerous protein contained in the sperm, it has the tendency of giving your hair the strength and shine that you desperately need. It also promotes hair growth.

So, there ladies – we have the five top benefits of sperm.  It is really a powerful fluid when you think about it. So perhaps you should consider swallowing your partner’s sperm after an oral sex or taking it through your vagina if you are on your safe period.