Cynthia Morgan Spilling Some Family Tea ON Sexual Abuse

Although some people think she is doing too much others think it is only right for her to talk of it and speak her truth as it can be her own way of healing from past trauma. Childhood trauma can affect an individual throughout their lifetime and one of the best way to heal from it is by talking about it

Cynthia Morgan, a Nigerian musician who has made a number of shocking family secrets public. She claims that at the age of 14, she lost her virginity in her father’s home.

She said in a series of Instagram stories that her siblings’ decision to use her as a “sexual experiment” caused her to lose her virginity at the age of 14, and she also accused her father of knowing about the abuse she had endured.

According to Cynthia Morgan, “you have to take care of your father so he can always pray for you” is his favorite saying.

She had a whole session on instagram calling her father out:

’. Bro, I don’t have and btw I don’t even owe you a WAEC certificate. And if my money equal to your prayers, then you’re a fraudulent father…I always knew that part of him being a fraud though. Reason I ask finally for a DNA.

“A father that doesn’t know his daughter’s pain is not a father. And btw I’m the fifth of his 9 kids. He has been going about telling all sorts of lies about me to his family members lately and they even said he has been trying to get on blogs, so let me put it out here for him. I want a DNA.

“I was barely 14 when I lost my virginity in my father’s house because my half sister and brother decided to use me for sexual experiment…this sh*t went on for months till I was able to tell my mum, it sure didn’t stop there because they hated me for telling my mum and went on to start bullying me in school and telling their friends not to befriend me and always pick on me so they can beat me. I went through all these as a teen. Now it’s their father’s turn….we gats do this DNA test. There will be no peace for the wicked.

“And mind you all this would have been a thing of the past if this man didn’t come back into my life in 2016 to finish what him and his children started.


The singer stated she owed her father nothing on her Instagram story channel, accusing him of being a deadbeat. Furthermore, Cynthia mentioned that her father has been lying to her relatives on a variety of topics.

Although Cynthia Morgan, also known as Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, has a father, she considers herself to be fatherless. The singer said that, despite the fact that the comment has made her know he is a fraud, her father likes to talk about how he should be taken care of so he can pray for his kids in a post on her Instagram story channel.

Cynthia claims that she is finally requesting a DNA test because she is broke and believes her father is a liar.

The public’s need for a DNA test, according to Cynthia, sprang from her father’s attempts to get visibility on blogs.

The singer claimed that her father has been lying to his family members about her and that she owes him nothing, not even a WAEC certificate.

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