CEO Of Self-Driving Company, ‘Cruise’ Resigns 

CEO Of Self-Driving Company, 'Cruise' Resigns 
Kyle Vogt, the head of self-driving company, Cruise has resigned from his job.
His resignation is coming shortly after the company’s loss of operating license in California, which led to the withdrawal its entire fleet of driverless vehicles across the country.
Now, Mohamed “Mo” Elshenawy will be the new boss. He used to work as the main engineer at Cruise.
Vogt decided to leave after Cruise had big problems. One of their self-driving cars was in an accident with a person walking on the street.
This made the government in California say that Cruise was not safe for people.
Vogt said he was thankful for the help people gave to Cruise.
He told everyone that Cruise gave more than 250,000 rides with cars that drive themselves in many cities.
Recently, Cruise asked for 950 cars to be brought back because of the accident.
They might also have to let some people go from their jobs soon.
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