Boko Haram has issued a notice to five communities in Borno to leave

Boko Haram has issued a notice to five communities in Borno to leave

Approximately 2,000 people in eight communities within the Kaga Local Government Area of Borno State had to leave their homes for Benishek, the LGA headquarters, due to a warning from suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

The insurgents issued a notice, giving residents three days to vacate or face severe attacks. After the ultimatum, the terrorists raided the villages about a week later, forcing residents to flee and causing several casualties.

The fleeing villagers, complying with the terrorists’ directive, left their harvests behind, arriving in Benishek without any food.

The insurgents accused the communities of betrayal, alleging that residents failed to inform them about recent military operations resulting in the death of some of their members.

Baba Goni, a resident of Benishek, shared, “It’s been over a week since the terrorists warned the villagers to leave, leaving their farm produce behind.”

He mentioned affected villages like Bololo, Ganga, and Shuwari. The displaced villagers, maneuvering through bush paths to avoid encounters with terrorists, became internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Benishek.

Umar Harka, Chairman of Sector 6 of Borno State’s quasi-military vigilantes, confirmed the attack, stating that about 2,000 people had fled to Benishek.

“Quite sure, they have been trooping to Benishek. “Right now a combined force of troops and members of the CJTF have been deployed to the area to comb the bush and trace the locations of the insurgents,” he said.

A combined team of soldiers and individuals from the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) was sent to the region to explore the bushes and find where the insurgents are, offering help to the communities that had to leave their homes.

This joint force, made up of both military personnel and local volunteers, aims to locate the positions of the insurgents and support the communities affected by the conflict by providing assistance and ensuring their safety.

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